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AutoCAD Operator

provide the guidelines and technical details of the product or structure that is being built. They may work with engineers, architects and other professionals in producing plans and drawings. ... Civil drafters draw maps, diagrams or plans for construction projects and structures.





HVAC Supervisor

Oversee all the operation of different HVAC equipment such as Aircon, chiller, cold storage, positive blower, cooling tower, and ventilation system. Responsible for the Preventive maintenance and performance of the said equipment. This is critical knowing that our water line is composed of HVAC equipment which is needed to sustain its operation.

College graduate or graduate of Technical Course specializing in HVAC Services

At least 2 year(s) working experience in HVAC services, Troubleshooting equipment and handling HVAC technicians

HR and Admin Officer

Develops and implements HR strategies, systems and procedures aligned with the overall business strategy Manages the recruitment and selection process Supports current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital Ensures legal compliance throughout human resource management Represents organization at personnel-related hearings and investigations. Administrative Coordinates the delivery and pick up of business-related documents (checks, etc) on behalf of staffand managers and maintains accurate records on these transactions. Answers phone calls and serves as a point person for directing these calls Responsible in the releasing of signed documents from the office of the CFO to each SBUs Acts as custodian of car keys, helmets, bags, etc. Performs other related admin tasks, as required by management.