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  • Cisco Engineering Industries
    Specialize in certain kinds of construction
  • Cisco Engineering Industries
    Monitor the building for the presence of fire
  • Cisco Engineering Industries
    Discharges purified air back into the workplace
  • Cisco Engineering Industries
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    HEPA Filter, Medium and Primary Filter

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Cisco Engineering Industries

Cisco Engineering Industries - HVAC System General Contructor Services

were founded in 2005 with its main business as an in-house and service provider of HVAC, Air Filtration and Allied Electromechanical.

Following the rapid industry growth in the high tech manufacturing of semiconductor, chip and wafer fabrication, pharmaceutical and food product, establishing Cleanroom facilities to conform with the hi-tech production operation, demands for HVAC, Air Filtration and Clean Room Manufacturing Facilities is a highly growing business requirement.

To meet the industry's growing demand, we diversified our technical expertise into Allied Fields by engaging in the design, specification and manufacture of HVAC, Air Filtration and Cleanroom Products and System. Since then, we have dedicated our efforts and focus on providing a complete range of solution for every Electro-Mechanical Systems involving HVAC, Air Filtration, Clean Zone and Controlled Environment Systems Requirements.

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  • Air Conditioning

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  • General Construction

  • Electrical Works

  • Mechanical Works

  • Architectural Design

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